About Us

Welcome to Avi Educations!

Here in AVI educations, we strive hard to impart the utmost quality of knowledge, focusing equally, on the individuality of every student. We aim at adopting best approach, separately, for each one of them, so as it results in overall effective learning for students.

Every student possesses his/her prospective and analyzing, how a child views the world around, further determines course design and classroom teaching. We aim at devising all compulsory conditions which support student learning and stresses upon the concepts that aids to overall advancements in learning.

We bring the level of teaching to the level of the learner. We are patient enough, and do not expect instant results. We believe in boosting the moral of the student and help him capture things slowly.Here we try to elevate the confidence level of a child, every second, so it results in an overall boost in his/her personality.

Our preferred targets are the students from class 6th to 10th, as we believe, that child, at this tender age, is like a blank paper, so a mentor should be extra cautious about writhing, anything, on it.

It is an utmost responsibility of a teacher to mold a child in such a way, keeping in mind, his interests, his capabilities, academic and social both and his varying perspective relating every aspect, that not only he excels exceptionally in academics but is also capable of forming justifiable decisions regarding his own career.

We also welcome every student who seeks any career guidance or wants to join any advanced level classes for Olympiads or renowned boarding schools.Come and join us for a better quality learning dispatched with maximal concern, devoted learning environment and advice from the experienced team, working for your welfare, day and night.

  • Limited seats batches
  • Assignment on every topic.
  • Weekly assessment test.
  • Individual focus.
  • Flexible timings for batches.


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